Today is my last day of summer before classes start.

I’m kind of anxious to go back because this is my last year (hopefully) in college and I really just want to get it over with. I’m so done with stupid school bullshit like group work and professors telling their students how their class will prepare them for the real world…

No. It fucking won’t. The real world will prepare me for the real world, not your stupid accounting class where the only thing that matters is the midterm and the final. A MIDTERM AND A FINAL DETERMINING YOUR WORTH IS THE FARTHEST THING FROM REAL WORLD SITUATIONS, YOU FUCK.

Ugh, anyway, I’m gonna be productive this semester and not fuck around. FINALLY I’m taking classes that are not pre-requisites and I’ll be learning about things that I actually want to fucking know. I still have to sort out my credit situation, but it looks like I’ll be graduating in Spring 2015, THANK GOD.